Hiscox STD-EG - Gibson Les Paul Style Hard Case

Hiscox STD-EG - Gibson Les Paul Style Hard Case

Hiscox STD-EG - Gibson Les Paul Style Hard Case


Suitable for Gibson Les Paul type guitars and accommodates Gibson type neck angles.
Standards are high at Hiscox Cases. Hiscox build each case, from scratch to the highest quality here in the UK. Each guitar case is lightweight, tough and hard wearing.

Hiscox Liteflite Standard Specification

  • Original Liteflite construction utilising outer shell of nominal 1.5mm* thick ABS bonded to
  • Polyurethane inner moulding.
  • The 1.5mm thick outer shell is the Hiscox original ‘Liteflite’ specification continually manufactured since 1985.
  • This gives the lightest case in the range.
  • Length - 1022 mm / 40 1/4"
  • Lower Bout - 30mm / 13 "
  • Upper Bout - 286mm / 11 1/4"
  • Body Length - 445mm / 17 1/2"
  • Body Depth - 51mm / 2"
  • Empty Weight - 4.07 kg / 8.97 lbs

Established in 1985, Hiscox Cases Ltd. is the brainchild of Brynn Hiscox, a professional guitar maker. Being acutely aware of the lack of quality cases on the market, he used his engineering background to design a case that stood up to his exacting requirements. Brynn’s customers demanded cases that had higher protection but with less weight.

Hiscox Cases are only too aware that in this fast moving, hectic world, it is so easy to damage precious musical instruments (travelling with a stringed instrument). That’s why Hiscox ‘Liteflite’ range of cases have been designed to give instruments the finest protection possible with a light weight case at a reasonable price.

Hiscox Cases are sold in 20 countries worldwide as well as to more than 700 UK retailers and instrument makers. This popularity is no accident. It is achieved by consistent Quality of Product, Quality of Service and Value for Money pricing.


  1. Hiscox Cases are manufactured in the U.K. and carry a full three-year warranty.

  2. The products are always manufactured with the primary objective of instrument protection and on average carry a crush resistance rate greater than 500kg.

  3. The outer ABS shell material is not only chosen for its high impact resistance. But most of all for the ability to chemically bond to the inner moulding. This is during the manufacturing process and creates an extremely strong yet light weight COMPOSITE structure.

  4. The inner moulding of the cases is manufactured from a blend of polyurethane insulating foam which is UNIQUE to Hiscox Cases. It is a closed cell semi-rigid low weight design which gives the following protecting qualities.-

    • High level of shock protection
    • Excellent structural rigidity when bonded to the outer shell
    • A high level of thermal insulation protecting against rapid temperature changes.
    • It is developed to bond directly to the fabric case lining during the manufacturing process, with no use of a secondary adhesive.

  5. Aluminium Valance: – Unique to Hiscox design. Although Hiscox cases are not guaranteed waterproof, the double “lip” lid to base mating feature helps to stop water ingress in rain/shower conditions.
    75% of the aluminium rim is hidden from view behind the ABS shell. All of the hardware (except one or two feet) is riveted into this vitally important metal rim.

  6. All fixings including the catches and handles are fully tested. It is believed that their security is second to none.

  7. Hiscox Cases unique internal padding can be customised, often at minimal cost, so that a vast range of instrument sizes can be made to be properly supported. No other case supplier at Hiscox price point offers this facility.