Broadway Stage Piano Model BA1 Black

Broadway Stage Piano Model BA1

Broadway Stage Piano Model BA1 Black


Main Features

88 Full-size keys (same as a real piano)
Fully-weighted key touch
Touch sensitive keys
Hammer action
600 voices
128 polyphony
Backlit LCD
120 preset songs
Music library
Speakers: 2 x 20 watts
Sustain Pedal (metal piano type)

Width 136.5cm
Depth 36.5cm
Height 13.8cm
Weight 13.75kg


With a streamline design, excellent built-in interactive features, and large catalogues of voices and songs the Broadway BA1 is a suitable choice of digital piano for players of all levels.

The Broadway BA1 is a digital piano with a full sized 88-note keyboard, 128-note polyphony, 600 different voices, and 230 style accompaniments. This gives a wide range of sonic capabilities and performance techniques.

The keyboard is graded hammer action so the weight of the key depends on its position on the keyboard, with a steady decline in weight from the bass notes to the treble just like on an acoustic piano. There is also the possibility of adding a three pedal stand, which allows both the piano to be freestanding and compliments the pianist’s technique with the effects that pedalling can bring.


The in-built performance assistant comes with two modes, one for piano and another for guitar. In piano mode the performance assistant works by aiding the playing of complex techniques by adding music to the performance in order to enrich the overall sound. In the guitar mode the keyboard is divided into three sections, each of which control a different effect, ensuring the ability to play rhythm guitar with chords and broken chords, and section that corresponds to the guitar’s six strings so that melody lines and solos can be played as well.

Another piece of software that comes with the BA1 is the Intelligent Learning System. This education mode helps the pianist to learn new songs through guided lessons by arranging songs so that practice is optimised for the best results. These results are also recorded in a progress tracker which references improvements made and allows the student to see how their ability on the piano is advancing.

To get the best out of these features and help management of its effects, the Broadway BA1 is fitted with a backlit LCD screen, and has a song bank numbering 120 that caters to everyone’s taste

The Broadway BA1 is equipped with a USB-To Host drive and a 5 track sequencer. With these features performances can easily be recorded and played back on a computer or manipulated with software packages.

As well as being a compact design, perfect for transportation and storage, the BA1 is also very lightweight at under 14kg, enhancing its convenience and making it a suitable instrument for all ages.

More Specs:

88-key (hammer-action)
Display: Backlit LCD
Polyphony: 128 (max)
Voices: 600
Split: YES
Duo (Twinova): YES
Styles: 230 preset; 10 user
Style Creator: YES
Sequencer: 5 user songs (5 melody + 1 accomp.)
Demo Song: 5
2 x 20 watt speakers

Music Library:
120 preset songs; Music Tutorial System

External Drive: USB (32G max)

Dimensions: Width 1365mm x Depth 366mm x Height 137mm
Weight: 13.8 kgs

Colour: Black only
SKU: broadway-ba1