Cello Method Lesson book 1 Book & CD Gabriel Koeppen

Cello Method Lesson book 1 Book & CD Gabriel Koeppen

Cello Method Lesson book 1 Book & CD Gabriel Koeppen


The first book in the trailblazing new Koeppen Cello Method, putting the emphasis on having fun with your cello!

Taking a playful and effective approach to learning the cello, the Koeppen Cello Method breaks new ground, sprucing up the usual Baroque and Classical repertoire by adding pieces in popular styles: rock, Bossa Nova, reggae, swing and more! Exciting pieces and exercises in these styles illustrate specific musical concepts and techniques, whilst teacher-pupil duets feature throughout, encouraging strong ensemble skills right from the get-go.

Structured in an easy and understandable way, the Koeppen Cello Method lays the foundation for a solid technical and musical training. There is a core Lesson Book and a supplementary Tune Book at each level. All books are accompanied by a CD which will help motivate and inspire.

For players from around the age of 10 right up to adult learners.
- Welcome
- To my fellow Cello teachers
- Holding the Cello
- Parts of the Cello
- The bow
- Musical Notation
- Introducing note values
- Open strings (plucked)
- Playing with the vow
- Sting crossing
- Playing with the left Hand
- 2nd finger on the D string
- 1st finger on the D string
- 1st and 2nd fingers on the D string
- 4th finger on the D string
- Four notes on the D string
- Four notes on the A string
- Playing on the A and D strings
- Playing on the G-string
- Dynamics (f, mf, p)
- Plaing on the C string
- Quavers
- Writing a Little tune
- 3rd finger on the D string
- 3/4 time
- 3rd finger on the A string
- Legato
- C Major scale and broken chord
- 2nd finger on the G string
- 2nd finger on the C string
- Staccato
- Crescendo and decrescendo
- Dotted crotchets
- Bowings and alternatives for scales and broken chords
- Staves for writing you own notes
- CD contents

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