Marshall Class 5 Roulette Valve Head & Cab- Limited Edition - Red

Marshall Class 5 Roulette Head & Cab- Limited Edition - Red

Marshall Class 5 Roulette Valve Head & Cab- Limited Edition - Red


The Marshall Class 5 Roulette Re-Issue Guitar Combo Amplifier delivers the smooth and creamy warmth we’ve come to expect from a Marshall Class 5, in a cool and sophisticated package. The compact character of this combo makes it perfect for those who need a discreet amplifier to fit in the home, or to take on tour, without compromising on sound quality or tonal versatility. As part of a limited release that is available to UK customers only, you must act quickly to avoid disappointment.

The Class 5 Roulette Re-Issue is equipped with a pair of ECC83 double-triode preamp valves to deliver sweetly overdriven warmth to the signal at the preamp stage. In the power amp stage there is a single EL84 valve to guarantee that signal integrity is maintained, from low volume levels through to high volume levels. The valves allow tonnes of boost to be thrown into the mix from smooth bluesy rhythm chops, through to searing lead tones.

Total creative control over the amp’s tone is afforded via easy to read control layout that consists of a Master Volume knob, as well as a three-way EQ layout including: Bass, Middle, and Treble. The EQ section is exceptionally powerful but very sensitive, allowing you to attenuate the signal with incredible accuracy. Whether you’re aiming for a deep down and dirty Blues’-tone, a thrashier sound with scooped out Mids, or a balanced country sound with a hint of twang, then the Class 5 is the one for you.

The Marshall Class 5 Roulette is equipped with a specially designed Celestion G10F-15 10-inch speaker, projecting your output with the utmost clarity. Celestion. For those who're practising at home, there is a headphone output jack to spare the ears of those around you, allowing you to play into the wee hours without disturbing the neighbours. For times when you want to get an additional cabinet involved, there is a speaker extension output.

If you’re a lover of Blues’ inspired tones, and demand the best from your amplifier whether you’re playing clean or with overdrive, then it doesn't get much better than the Marshall Class 5 Roulette Re-Issue Guitar Combo Amplifier. Again, this is a limited edition model so don’t hang about, grab one whilst you can.

*Free Marshall RF-1 Reflector Reverb pedal included*

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