38 More Modern Studies for solo clarinet Rae

38 More Modern Studies for solo clarinet Rae

38 More Modern Studies for solo clarinet Rae


"This book was written in the same format as 40 Modern Studies. Again, the pieces are of moderate length and cover a wide variety of styles. As the studies are technically demanding, they are all written in comfortable clarinet-orientated keys to allow the student to focus on interpretation.

Each study is designed to improve the student's musical as well as technical abilities." James Rae 

More modern studies for clarinet complementing the established Favourite: 40 Modern Studies -

Musical styles vary from modern Classical through to Jazz and Rock -

For elementary to more advanced levels (1 - 8) -

Ideal for developing musicianship and technique by way of accessible but challenging material -

These studies make attractive performance pieces and are suitable for examination purposes

Also available: 40 Modern Studies for Solo Clarinet This well-known volume familiarises developing clarinettists with the various rhythms and phrasings encountered in modern music. Many of these pieces may be found on examination syllabuses worldwide. UE 19 735


Horizon · Windsor March · Waves · Hungarian Lament · Intermezzo · Entomology · The Organ Grinder's Apprentice · The Middle Man · The Sheriff · Diversion · Ups and Downs · Blue Waltz · Destiny · The Swinger · Staccato Dance · Pieces of Eight · Lucky Number · Olympic Flame · Rock Summit · Straight Five · Swing Five · Odd Waltz · Exhibit A · Later Train Blues · 5th Avenue · Black Puddin' Jig · Hot Noodles · Journeys · Talkin' the Talk · The Funkmeister · Breakaway · And Your Time Starts Now! · Loops · Coastal Reflections · Fairground Waltz · Tongue Twister · New Work · Hocus Pocus

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