Guitarist's Way book 2 Nuttall & Whitworth

Guitarists Way 2 Nuttall & Whitworth

Guitarist's Way book 2 Nuttall & Whitworth


The Guitarist’s Way (Books 1 to 4) John Whitworth & Peter Nuttall Level: Up to Grade 2

In this book you will find: new rhythms involving quavers and dotted crotchets, bass notes, two-note chords, sharps & flats, easy free stroke, position changing, fifth position and lots of great pieces, including; Got the Blues, Polish Dance, Serenade, Gypsy Dance, Night Flight, Adagio & Toccata. Fully illustrated throughout.

This 4-volume teaching series continues to be enormously successful and popular. It aims to stimulate young players in particular, with all new technical and musical ideas introduced one by one in a lucid and logical fashion.

Flexible ensemble material makes the series ideal for group teaching (either in school or evening class) as well as for individual tuition. The higher positions are dealt with imaginatively in Books 2, 3 and 4, and there are many delightful pieces which are suitable for school concerts.

The light-hearted illustrations by Peter Nuttall and Gerald Garcia are another attractive feature of the series.

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