Apollo Saxophone Quartet bk 3

Apollo Saxophone Quartet bk 3

Apollo Saxophone Quartet bk 3


Eight pieces for four altos or three altos plus tenor AAAA + AAAT

1. Sonny Says.... Andy Scott

2. Saxalatino Rob Buckland

3. Mind The Gap Rob Buckland

4. Polite Miss Knight Jenni Watson

5. This Evening Carl Raven

6. One Way Ticket Jenni Watson

7. Maybe One Day Rob Buckland

8. Spiral Jenni Watson

Following on from the hugely successful and popular Apollo Saxophone Quartet Books 1 and 2, this book brings together once again the writing talents of Rob Buckland and Andy Scott, and introduces two new composers - Carl Raven (tutor alongside Rob and Andy at the Royal Northern College of Music, and recent addition to the ASQ line-up) and Jenni Watson who is a composer and RNCM graduate. The ethos behind this book is very much in line with it’s predecessors: dynamic new compositions in a wide variety of styles, scored for four altos, (or three altos and tenor), to make them invaluable concert material for young quartets, where perhaps the luxury of a soprano and baritone saxophone is not yet available.

The pieces are designed to provide the ensemble with a varied mix of styles and mood, enough to make a short concert programme from this one book, or to integrate with the previous two publications.

"Most saxophone players start learning on the alto, but when it comes to building an ensemble it is often the case that soprano and baritone instruments are not available, which puts a big restriction on the repertoire that a group is able to play. These books therefore fulfil a need for intermediate ensembles and are highly recommended." CASS Magazine review

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